Resources For Current GOHS Grantees


  • October 1:  Beginning of New Grant Year
  • December 31: All 1st Quarter Requirements Due
  • 2nd Quarter: Internal Grant Status Reports Completed
  • 2nd Quarter: New Application process begins (Based on availability of funds and GOHS review)
  • April 1: Time Certifications Due to GOHS
  • 2nd-3rd Quarter:  GOHS Onsite visits and reports completed
  • June 30: Last Day for Grant Amendments to be submitted
  • September 30: Last Day of Federal Fiscal Year (last day of grant year) and Time Certifications due to GOHS
  • October 20: Final Claims Due
  • November: Closeout of all Grants from previous federal fiscal year


2021 Grant Training Presentation
SADD Special Conditions FY2018

YA Special Conditions FY2018


Section 1:  Training Packet, Grant Proposal and Application Components
Section 2:  Problem Identification
Section 3:  Program Assessment, Goals, Evaluations and Objectives
Section 4:  Media, Self-Sufficiency and Resource Requirements
Section 5:  Law Enforcement Services
Section 6:  Budget
Section 7:  Contract Forms/Review

NOTE:  The videos for the FFY 2021 Grant Training Workshops serve ONLY as a resource guide for those who attended one of the two mandatory sessions.  Only those agencies, groups and organizations who had a representative attend one of the training sessions are eligible to apply for a FFY 2021 highway safety grant.  Applicants who have questions or need assistance are asked to contact GOHS Deputy Director Jimmy Sumner at 404-656-6996. 


Time Certification
Meal Allowances

FORM 202
FORM 300
FORM 301
Vendor Management Form


GOHS grantees must announce grant awards within the first quarter of the grant period. Announcement of a GOHS-funded grant must include: the dates of the grant, the award amount, that it is funded by GOHS and offer an overview of the project’s goals and objectives.

General Grant Announcement Press Release Template

Young Adult Grant Announcement Press Release Template

SADD Grant Announcement Press Release Template


*Non-GOHS grantees are forbidden from using these images without express permission.*

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