Goals, History, and Mission of
the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety

The Mission of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is to educate the public on highway safety and facilitate the implementation of programs that reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities on Georgia roadways.  

Our number one goal is to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on Georgia's roads and to provide highway safety data and fact-based analyses that will assist communities and safety advocates in implementing effective programs that will change high-risk driving behavior and increase safety on our streets and highways.

The history of GOHS follows that of highway safety in the USA as a whole. In 1966, 50,894 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. and the rate of fatalities per 100 million miles of travel was 5.5. It was projected that, over a 9-year period, the number of fatalities would increase to 100,000 a year if Congress did not do anything to address the problem. Taking heed of these dire predictions, Congress enacted the Highway Safety Act of 1966. This legislation created a unique partnership among federal, state and local governments to improve and expand the nation's highway safety activities.

The Highway Safety Act of 1968 required governors to be responsible for the administration of the federal highway safety program in each state. The governor, through delegation of powers, had the authority to designate a Governor's Highway Safety Representative to administer the federally-funded highway program. 

We design all of our programs and services with the goal of reaching every Georgia motorist. Safe driver behavior is our top priority and we must persuade all Georgians to adopt a similar goal.