NHTSA Law Enforcement Appreciation Campaign

The Governor's Highway Safety Associoation (GHSA) has announced they are seeking stories to launch the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Law Enforcement Appreciation Campaign." Below is a description of the campaign and the parameters to help identify and submit proposed stories by the end of March.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Campaign

The campaign will involve shareable video stories for social media and a package of earned media materials for local newspapers, radio, and TV. The two main audiences are A) general driving public in local communities, and B) law enforcement officials. The goal is to make the driving public recognize that moving from point A to point B involves the important work of local law enforcement. Although tickets and citations may be frustrating in the moment, measures like these are proven to keep people safe on the roads. It will also focus on the positive impact that Law Enforcement traffic safety work has on all communities.

The campaign will provide a package of assets corresponding to each story. This package is comprised of videos, social media posts, and templates for earned media. The video and surrounding assets will recognize an outstanding story that highlights where law enforcement has made a positive impact on highway safety. If selected, a production team will handle all the logistics and on-site filming. The video will be three to five minutes in length.


  • Story will clearly demonstrate the positive impact law enforcement officials had on the local driving community by enforcing local laws

  • Should feature law enforcement/public interaction

  • Directly related to laws involving belts, distraction and alcohol

  • The local component is extremely important however, it will be important to keep in mind these stories will be shared on a national level or in other localities 

  • Messaging/content that will change perceptions, whether these are preconceived notions or experiences

  • The optimal story will have an unexpected and/or positive ending


Each story proposal should include a brief description of the story with the following elements:

  • Who is involved (law enforcement, public, victims, community partners etc.)

  • What occurred and the impact

  • Date and location

  • Any links to media stories that are related to the story or other material that helps describe the story

  • Contact information of who is submitting the proposal


Glaceria Mason (glaceria.mason@dot.gov) and Carlos Alcazar (calcazar@tombras.com).


Please contact Glaceria Mason at 202-366-5876.




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