Pedestrian Safety Tips

Walk on the sidewalk.

If there are no sidewalks, walk as close to the left side of the street as possible, facing traffic.

Cross at the cross walk.

Cross only at intersections or street corners. When available, cross between the white painted crosswalk lines.

Stop before crossing the street.

Never dart or dash out into the street.

Obey all traffic signals.

Before stepping out into the street, be sure to look at all traffic signals.

Look left, then, right, then left before crossing the street.

Make sure traffic has come to a complete stop. If a parked vehicle obstructs your view, step out far enough into the street to be able to lean forward and see the street in both directions. Continue to look in both directions as you cross the street. If you are with a group of friends, each person needs to look for themselves.

Wear bright clothing.

At night, wear light-colored clothes and reflective stripes.

Watch for turning traffic.

Try to make eye contact with the driver. Watch for right turns on red.

Watch for vehicles turning out of driveways.

Check for signs that a car might move backwards.

Do not play in the street.