Bicycle Safety in Georgia

Georgia Law on Bicycles

Click Here for all Georgia laws pertaining to bicycle operation.

Recent changes to Georgia's bicycle laws

Includes information on the 3-foot passing law (HB 101) passed in 2011

Laws on biking on sidewalks

Includes the information that allows children to ride bicycles on sidewalks and cyclist injury penalties.

Additional laws relevant to cyclists

Includes laws pertaining to aggressive drivers, bicycle hit-and-run and other concerns of bicyclists regarding motorists.

Tips & Tools for Bicyclists

Bicycle safety checklist

Make sure your bicycle is ready for Georgia roads.

Share the Road license plates

Share the Road license plates help to fund bicycle safety programs in Georgia.

How to wear a helmet

Learn the proper way to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

Encouraging a child to wear a helmet

Get your kids excited to wear helmets while riding bikes in Georgia.

Fact sheets on bicycle safety issues

Documents, white papers and other helpful resources to faciliate successful advocacy for bicycle infrastructure and policies.

Georgia "Safe Routes To School" FAQ

Listed are some frequently asked questions regarding the Safe Routes to School program. If you have any additional questions regarding the program that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact the state's SRTS coordinator.

Georgia "Safe Routes To School" tool kit

GDOT has developed a virtual tool kit of information to help get your school's SRTS program going and to keep it going.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Links in Georgia

Below are some informational links about bicycle and pedestrian safety. If you have a bicycle or pedestrian safety link that you would like to share, contact Katie Curtis at 404-657-9079.